Dr. Longenecker Cares

Monkton dentist Dr. Craig Longenecker

Dr. Longenecker understands that sleep apnea and sleep apnea treatment can be frustrating. He provides a comfortable alternative to the bulky CPAP machine.

Why does Dr. Longenecker feel so strongly about providing unparalleled sleep apnea care? He has been personally impacted by sleep apnea. Here is his story:


“Over the last decade I began to noticed how tired I had become. By the end of the day after dinner I could barely keep my eyes open.

“I was so tired I wouldn’t want to do anything, which meant I struggled to do things with my family. I became lazier and lazier …


“I also started snoring to the point my wife needed ear plugs and I often got the elbow in the middle of the night…even with the ear plugs! There were also times I woke myself up gasping for air.


“I stopped working out and my energy levels were bottoming out. And I was gaining weight. I was always very athletic and fit, so this was something that was not normal for me. This not only affected my personal life, but my family life and and my work family.


“I decided one day to give myself an overnight sleep study, knowing I had sleep apnea. I was shocked I had moderate sleep apnea, but then it started to make sense. I wasn’t dreaming anymore, I was exhausted, I was gaining weight, my blood pressure was high, and I wasn’t happy.


“Gaining knowledge and an understanding of sleep apnea, I decided I was going to lose some weight and get healthier. A close friend of mine owns a gym and was looking for a strong, reliable, sustainable weight loss system to offer his clients in his gym. Talk about timing! My realization of what was happening to me, my friends weight loss experiment, and my mindset all hit at the same time.


“He found one [sustainable weight loss system], but wanted to try it out before offering to his clients. I said I would do the program with him, and 6 weeks later I was 20 lbs down! … I was dreaming every night. I had bounds of energy and I no longer was looking for the bed right after dinner. I retested myself and my apnea had nearly disappeared but not perfect. That was my peripeteia moment, and I knew exactly what I was going to do in my practice.


“Currently I am in Invisalign, and once I finish I will have an oral appliance. It has truly changed my life and has made me much healthier on so many different levels. Getting proper sleep is key to your overall health. I think it is something most of everyone takes for granted today but it is vital.

“I feel that both losing weight and treating sleep disorders is really important. I would much rather treat a potential cause than just the symptoms.”

Does Dr. Longenecker’s story hit home with you? Do you often feel too exhausted to enjoy family time or social events? Is snoring or weight gain impacting your self-esteem? There’s a way to retake restful sleep. Contact our office today.